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Thermail Innovations
  • Thermail Innovations
    Cold moving air under 270mm of Rockwool creating a "Thermal Chimney"

  • Thermail Innovations
    Line transformer with oil filled cooling fins. One of which is blocked.

  • Thermail Innovations
    Refractory lined manifold. 1000ºC flue gasses, degraded refractory allowing heat out.

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We can help identify thermal inefficency in your buildings or equipment. Contact us today to see how we can help

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We provide thermographic surveys to industries throughout the UK ranging from insurance recommendations through predictive maintenance to problem specific projects.

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Thermal Imaging Survey Services including Thermographic Surveys in the UK

We offer thermographic surveys and many types of thermal imaging survey services aroudn the UK and pride ourselves in our ability to forge meaningful Partnerships that give our customers tangible results. In order to provide results with our thermographic surveys and thermal imaging services we use the latest in Thermal Imaging technology and every Survey is carried out by a Certified Thermographer.

From individual Homeowners having their houses checked to being the Corporate preferred Supplier of Thermal Imaging Solutions, we at Thermal Innovations Ltd have built up a wide portfolio of Customers from a diverse range of Industries.

If you require any type of our thermographic surveys and thermal imaging services please do not hesitate to contact us, where we can discuss your specific needs and requirements.