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Thermail Innovations
  • Thermail Innovations
    Cold moving air under 270mm of Rockwool creating a "Thermal Chimney"

  • Thermail Innovations
    Line transformer with oil filled cooling fins. One of which is blocked.

  • Thermail Innovations
    Refractory lined manifold. 1000ºC flue gasses, degraded refractory allowing heat out.

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Our Slogan really does take on a new relevance. Doesn't it?

About Thermal Innovations

Thermal Innovations Ltd was founded in 2003 after the demise of the high tech Semiconductor Industry in what was known as Silicon Glen.

The founder, Mark Clement had extensive engineering knowledge working with the various forms of light in the electro-magnetic spectrum.

It was from the use of the infra-red Spectrum that gave him the idea to open this to a wider range of applications and Industries.

The idea spawned and the Company formed, Thermal Innovations Ltd then sourced the latest, most advanced equipment on the market and has been growing successfully ever since.

The Company excels in: Electrical/Mechanical, Marine, Building, Process, Insulation and Water Ingress Surveys.

The Company has a customer retention rate of over 96% which demonstrates a track record of both; Quality service and Cost effectiveness.

Thermal Innovations Ltd is happy to list some of our customers:

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