Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys

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    Cold moving air under 270mm of Rockwool creating a "Thermal Chimney"

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    Line transformer with oil filled cooling fins. One of which is blocked.

  • Thermail Innovations
    Refractory lined manifold. 1000ºC flue gasses, degraded refractory allowing heat out.

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The Insurance Industry is recommending Thermographic Surveys as part of their Fire assessments of your business.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Surveys, UK

Did you know that the Insurance Industry is recommending Thermographic’s electrical thermal imaging surveys as part of their Fire assessments of your business? They do this to cut the chance of them having to pay out on a claim. They have the data and it backs them up in pushing for thermal imaging as approx 60% of business claims are for electrical issues and of these 60% are due to connections issues.

A poor joint leads to resistive heating and this emits infra red radiation. This cannot be seen with the naked eye but is obvious when using our electrical thermal imaging surveys. These enable you to see thermal images and displays then as seen below.

Thermal Imaging is being adopted more and more and is becoming an integral part of maintenance regimes. It gives the ability to see issues before they become a problem and affect the metrics of your company.When used properly it will lead to; greater MTBFs, increased uptime, more accurate PM scheduling and reduced scrap and rework.


Thermal Innovations Ltd carries out over a hundred electrical thermal imaging surveys per year at present. These range from Plants in the; Agrifood, Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industries through Incineration Plants and Office complexes to Oil tankers on the water prior to Dry docking.

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