Mechanical Thermal Imaging Surveys

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    Cold moving air under 270mm of Rockwool creating a "Thermal Chimney"

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    Line transformer with oil filled cooling fins. One of which is blocked.

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    Refractory lined manifold. 1000ºC flue gasses, degraded refractory allowing heat out.

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Mechanical - Thermal Innovations

Mechanical thermal imaging surveys can see the heat being produced and diagnose what is wrong.

Mechanical Thermal Imaging Surveys, UK

These Surveys are normally done in conjunction with our electrical thermal imaging surveys and give the benefit of being able to detect equipment deterioration before an equipment failure. Anything that moves creates friction, friction creates heat and increased friction will create increased heat. Our mechanical thermal imaging surveys can see the heat being produced and diagnose what is wrong.

Motor, Pump and Fan bearings are the most obvious areas to think of but, Think of the problems that conveyor belts would cause if they broke down because they were out of alignment or the roller bearings seized. No more products getting down the line. No suitcases getting onto the plane or back to you after your flight.

These kinds of things are where mechanical thermal imaging surveys come into a league of their own.

Fan Pillar Bearings Gearbox Bearings Conveyor friction

Is the correct Lubrication being used? Is the lubrication changed too often or not enough? Is the belt tension correct? Is the belt aligned properly? These are all questions that are readily addressed using thermal imaging.

Using Thermal imaging gives you the ability to discover issues that cannot be seen with the human eye. It also gives a new tool that can be applied to problem solving and diagnostics.

Think of all the thermal processes that go on in your place of work. How do you inspect/test and ensure they are performing properly. Think how easily using this technology will be of benefit to your organisation and get in contact with Thermal Innovations Ltd and let us show you the benefits of Thermal Imaging.

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