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    Cold moving air under 270mm of Rockwool creating a "Thermal Chimney"

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    Line transformer with oil filled cooling fins. One of which is blocked.

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    Refractory lined manifold. 1000ºC flue gasses, degraded refractory allowing heat out.

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The quicker water ingress can be diagnosed and the root cause found then the better and less expensive it is for all parties concerned.

Water Thermal Imaging Surveys, UK

Water getting into unwanted areas in properties causes havoc over time. The quicker water ingress can be diagnosed by one of our water thermal imaging surveys, and the root cause found then the better and less expensive it is for all parties concerned.

Thermal Innovations Ltd have developed an expertise in this field that has been recognised by the NHBC. The ability to carry out a "Cause and effect" survey have been a godsend to many a property owner. This identifies where the water is getting into the building and where it is going. Our water thermal imaging surveys allow for quick water ingress point identification and repair and less extensive internal remedial repairs. This kind of survey is very cost effective as it demonstrates where the water is getting in and unlike normal methods, misdiagnosis and wasted expensive remedial work is not an issue.

Below is a thermogram that shows how water is moving over the plasterboard until it eventually leaks through at a joint. The actual point at which water is getting into the building was approx 30 feet away from where it highlighted itself.

The blue areas show where moisture is moving on the plasterboard. The ingress point was not even in this room. It was from the balcony area of the property above and was situated above the adjacent room.
Again water can be seen to be tracking above the plasterboard. This was caused by improper installation of render drip tray in the property above.

Both the above properties had had previous remedial attempts that had failed to diagnose the water ingress sites.

Using Thermal Innovations Ltd to survey using one of their water thermal imaging surveys would have these problems identified and corrected at the first time of asking.

If you are having dampness or ingress issues then please contact us. We will be able to find the problem and give you peace of mind.